Sales terms and conditions

Sales terms and con­di­tions: last upda­ted 12 May 2023

Before making the pur­cha­se, the Customer decla­res to have care­ful­ly read and accep­ted the fol­lo­wing gene­ral terms and con­di­tions; for que­stions rela­ting to the terms and con­di­tions, plea­se send an e‑mail to our custo­mer care:

These Terms and Conditions govern the offer and sale of asse­ts (as defi­ned below) on the site:
The ser­vi­ce is offe­red by Coop Itinera Progetti e Ricerche, based in Livorno Via Borra 35, cod. Tax and VAT num­ber 01170260499 regi­ste­red in the Livorno Company Register with n. regi­stra­tion num­ber 01170260499, REA LI num­ber ‑103766, tel. 0586 894 563, pec.

Subject of these General Conditions

These General Conditions govern the gene­ral rules of the Services offe­red by the Operator to Customers, inclu­ding throu­gh the Website.
Il Gestore è l’unico tito­la­re del Sito e quin­di tra­mi­te esso il Cliente strin­ge un rap­por­to di pre­sta­zio­ne di ser­vi­zi esclu­si­va­men­te con il gesto­re stes­so, sal­va diver­sa indi­ca­zio­ne nel­le pre­sen­ti Condizioni Generali.
The Customer accep­ts the­se General Conditions when he requests one of the Services throu­gh the Booking Form.
The Customer is reque­sted to read the­se General Conditions befo­re regi­ste­ring and / or befo­re car­ry­ing out any ope­ra­tion, to print them and to keep them.

Online booking procedures

To con­clu­de the Purchase Agreement for a Product throu­gh the web­si­te, the Customer must select the Product and com­ple­te the onli­ne Order Form in all its parts, which must be con­si­de­red as a con­trac­tual proposal.

Payment methods

The pay­ment of the entran­ce tic­ke­ts can be made by bank trans­fer or by PayPal / cre­dit card (pay­ment is made throu­gh the secu­re pay­ment ser­vi­ce offe­red by PayPal). The Mines Museum the­re­fo­re never has access to and does not sto­re the data of the cre­dit card used by the Customer for the pay­ment of the Tickets. Any refunds will be issued by bank trans­fer or PayPal depen­ding on the pay­ment method used by the custo­mer: that is, the refund amount will be cre­di­ted to the same pay­ment method used by the custo­mer for the ini­tial transaction.

Methods of delivery of the Admission Tickets

The Tickets are deli­ve­red to the Customer in e‑Mail for­mat (Order Confirmation Email) and must be pre­sen­ted by the Ticket Holder in paper or digi­tal format.

Right of withdrawal

Given the natu­re of the Service, the­re is no right of with­dra­wal for the Customer. For eve­ry­thing con­cer­ning the Cancellation poli­cy, plea­se refer to the “Cancellation Policy” point below.

Cancellation policy

It is pos­si­ble for the Customer to pro­ceed with the can­cel­la­tion of the boo­ked visit in the fol­lo­wing ways and terms:

  • If the can­cel­la­tion is made up to 48 hours befo­re the sche­du­led date of the visit, no penal­ty will be applied and the amount paid will be ful­ly refun­ded by the Manager;
  • If the can­cel­la­tion is made up to 24 hours befo­re the sche­du­led date of the visit, an amount equal to 50% of the total amount will be retai­ned by the Manager;
  • In case of can­cel­la­tion with less than 24 hours’ noti­ce prior to the tour, or in case of no-show, the Manager will retain the full amount.
  • In case of bad wea­ther, the visit may be post­po­ned or can­ce­led and the Manager will make a full refund of the amount paid.

Without pre­ju­di­ce to the fore­going, the Manager reser­ves the right to can­cel visi­ts, giving ade­qua­te noti­ce to the Customer, in all cases in which the­re are issues rela­ting to the safe­ty of visi­tors, unfo­re­seea­ble cir­cum­stan­ces and / or for­ce majeu­re not depen­dent on the Manager, and for which the Manager is una­ble to pro­vi­de the reque­sted Service for rea­sons not attri­bu­ta­ble to him.

Regulations for the guided tour including the Mine Descent

In order to under­ta­ke the gui­ded tour of the Mining Park, inclu­ding the Mine Descent, the fol­lo­wing regu­la­tions must be observed:

  1. the rou­te inclu­ding the Mine Descent is only acces­si­ble to adul­ts and chil­dren from 12 years of age only if accom­pa­nied by at lea­st one adult;
  2. the rou­te inclu­ding the Mine Descent invol­ves descen­ding via a stair­ca­se to a depth of about 100 metres;
  3. the rou­te inclu­ding the Mine Descent is not acces­si­ble for peo­ple with redu­ced mobi­li­ty or tho­se una­ble to move independently;
  4. for the rou­te inclu­ding the Mine Descent it is man­da­to­ry to wear trek­king shoes;
  5. the rou­te inclu­ding Mine Descent is inten­ded for a mini­mum of 2 and a maxi­mum of 8 persons.

The Manager reser­ves the right to can­cel the visit in case of non-compliance with the regu­la­tions by the Customer, and in all cases whe­re the­re are issues rela­ted to visi­tor safe­ty, for­tui­tous even­ts, and/or for­ce majeu­re beyond the con­trol of the Manager, which pre­vent the pro­vi­sion of the reque­sted service.

Manager disclaimer

The Manager is not respon­si­ble for:

  • for any dama­ge resul­ting from the use of the Services by the Customer in a man­ner dif­fe­rent from the pro­vi­sions of the Contract and / or from the addi­tio­nal instruc­tions provided;
  • for any dama­ge resul­ting from the suspen­sion of the Services;
  • for the fai­lu­re or incor­rect func­tio­ning of the Services on spe­ci­fic plat­forms that are not com­pa­ti­ble or for which cor­rect func­tio­ning is not guaranteed;
  • for any dama­ge deri­ving from unfo­re­seea­ble cir­cum­stan­ces or for­ce majeu­re or from even­ts depen­dent on the fact of third par­ties or in any case not attri­bu­ta­ble to the Manager.
  • for per­so­nal inju­ry, ill­ness, pro­per­ty dama­ge or any other loss (direct or indi­rect) or for any expen­ses incur­red by the Client in con­nec­tion with the ser­vi­ce unless such loss is due to gross negli­gen­ce or gross default of the Manager.
  • for any fai­lu­res or delays in the per­for­man­ce of its obli­ga­tions, which resul­ts direc­tly or indi­rec­tly from any cau­se or cir­cum­stan­ce beyond its rea­so­na­ble con­trol. Without limi­ting the gene­ra­li­ty of the fore­going, such cir­cum­stan­ces are con­si­de­red: out­break of hosti­li­ties, rio­ts, civil unre­st, acts of ter­ro­ri­sm, revo­lu­tions, acts of any govern­ment or autho­ri­ty (inclu­ding but not limi­ted to the refu­sal or revo­ca­tion of any licen­se or autho­ri­za­tion) , fire, flood, epi­de­mic, light­ning, explo­sion, fog or bad wea­ther, disrup­tion or fai­lu­re of a uti­li­ty ser­vi­ce (inclu­ding but not limi­ted to elec­tri­ci­ty, gas, water or tele­com­mu­ni­ca­tions), reno­va­tions under­ta­ken by the accom­mo­da­tion pro­vi­ders, stri­kes, loc­kou­ts or boy­cotts, blocks.

Changes to these General Conditions

The Manager reser­ves the right to chan­ge the con­tent of the­se General Conditions: the rela­tion­ship will be gover­ned by the text of the General Conditions publi­shed on the Website of the Manager at the time of sen­ding the reque­st for use of the Services by the Customer. Updates will be indi­ca­ted in the hea­der of the text with the date of the last upda­te. The Customer is the­re­fo­re invi­ted to expres­sly read the text of the­se General Conditions always befo­re sen­ding the reque­st to use the Services.

Treatment of personal data (Privacy)

The pro­ces­sing of the Customer’s per­so­nal data by the Manager will be regu­la­ted with sepa­ra­te and appro­pria­te docu­men­ta­tion. See: Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Competent Court

The General Conditions and the Services descri­bed the­rein are gover­ned exclu­si­ve­ly by Italian law, by the Community rules of the European Union and by the International Conventions that have effect and are reco­gni­zed in the Italian Republic. All the Services and infor­ma­tion con­tai­ned on the Site are pro­vi­ded in Italian, without pre­ju­di­ce to the pos­si­bi­li­ty of pro­vi­ding for the use of other languages.
Without pre­ju­di­ce to the fore­going, for any dispu­te con­cer­ning the inter­pre­ta­tion, exe­cu­tion and ter­mi­na­tion of the­se General Conditions and the resul­ting rela­tion­ship, in accor­dan­ce with the appli­ca­ble legi­sla­tion, the Italian Judicial Authority has exclu­si­ve juri­sdic­tion and the Court of Livorno is exclu­si­ve­ly com­pe­tent. Any exclu­si­ve and man­da­to­ry juri­sdic­tions and com­pe­ten­ces pro­vi­ded for by sec­tor legi­sla­tion remain unaffected.